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Fetch my Gene

Search for products targeting your gene of interest

Use the Fetch my Gene™ search to easily find shRNA-mir constructs and cDNA clones for your gene of interest. Confirm your results using the gene information provided.  Products are grouped by gene for quick validation. RNA accessions, gene symbols, aliases, gene names and IDs are valid search terms.  
Search terms:
Fetch my Gene search will accept gene or RNA related terms from the publically available databases associated with the National Institutes of Health’s Entrez Gene.  The following list of terms provides examples of search terms that accepted and those that are not accepted for Fetch my Gene search.  Many search terms are associated with more than one gene.  The most specific searches are performed using terms that are unique to a gene. 
 Table 1.  Search terms suitable for Fetch my Gene
Accepted and unique search terms
GeneID: 7157
Refseq accession: NM_000546
Genbank accession: BC003596
Not accepted search terms
Key word: cancer
Protein accession: Q2XN98_HUMAN, NP_001119588
Versioned accessions: NM_000546.1 (Note that this term is valid without the ‘.1’ version suffix.)
Gene name: tumor protein p53
Accepted, but not unique search terms
Official Symbol: TP53
Alias: p53; LFS1; TRP53; FLJ92943

Large gene list searches with Fetch my Gene
Fetch my Gene search tool can accommodate multiple identifiers in a single search.  The results from each identifier is provided on a separate tab.  If you have a large gene list please email support@transomic.com with your species of interest and a list of accepted search terms. The list of terms above provides examples of accepted terms for large searches.  It is particularly important when performing large searches to have terms that are unique to the gene of interest.  Gene symbol and gene aliases are accepted in the search because of their common use in the literature.  However, they can be associated with more than one gene and are therefore not ideal for large gene searches.  

Additional Information on Gene Search Results

Product tabs:
Most searches will return products for a number of clone collections.  Search results are broken out into tabs for the different product types including shRNA-mir, cDNA, ORF, etc.  Select a tab to review the search results for that product type. 
Gene information:
Search terms may be associated with more than one gene.  FMG results are grouped by Entrez GeneID and additional gene information is provided to allow the user to confirm their gene of interest.   
Rank for shRNA-mir: 
While all clones are covered by our guarantee, some are predicted to be more active than others.  The ‘Rank’ is a comparison of the predicted activity of the available clones for a gene and cannot be used to compare across different genes.  A rank of 1 indicates that the hairpin is predicted to be the most potent for that gene and is based on the Sherwood algorithm . 
Clone information:
Specific information for each clone can be viewed on the clone information page.  This includes sequence information for shRNA-mir or cDNA, vector information and additional details specific to each clone.