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cDNA and ORF Clones

       Types of cDNA clones and their relationship to Refseq consensus sequence

cDNA and ORF collections for gene analysis

Genome-scale cDNA clones are the starting material in any gain-of-function study for gene analysis and protein function.  Creating cDNA clones from biological material requires significant time, labor and cost to produce full-insert sequence validated cDNA clones.  Pre-made fully-sequenced cDNA collections provide convenient access to reliable clones for gene analysis studies allowing the researcher to quickly obtain experimental results. Validation of the full insert sequence in a cDNA clone is critical to obtaining reproducible experimental results.   Therefore, researchers typically validate pre-made cDNA clones to ensure correct sequence identity.
transOMIC technologies’ cDNA clone collections are derived from the rigorously sequenced Mammalian Genome Collection created by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and are 100% guaranteed to match the Genbank published sequence. The MGC premier expression-ready cDNA and ORF clones are additionally sequence verified to reconfirm  the sequence of the cDNA clone before shipment.   

Find and Purchase cDNA and ORF Clones

MGC premier® cDNA and ORF collections are available as individual clones,
gene family and pathway focused sets or whole genome.    
Full-length cDNA Clones
cDNA Clones
Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Zebrafish, Xenopus
Expression-ready cDNA Clones
ORF Clones
Human, Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish

Lentiviral ORF Clones
cDNA and ORF

Clone any cDNA or ORF into expression-ready vector of choice

cDNA Libraries
Genome-scale collections, Gene family and pathway libraries available.
Tagged ORF Clones
ORF Libraries
Genome-scale Gateway-adapted collections, Gene family and pathway libraries available

Entry ORF Clones
Mutagenesis Services
Create splice variants, modify domains or alter sequences to create mutants


Use the FETCH my gene® search tool to find and purchase cDNA and ORF clones for your gene of interest.