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Custom Lentivirus Packaging

Lentiviral vectors provide effective vehicles for delivery of genetic content into a wide range of cell types including both dividing and non-dividing or post-mitotic cells.  Lentiviral vectors have the ability to transduce cells and integrate into the host genome resulting in stable, long-term expression of the transgene both in vivo and in vitro.

Custom Lentiviral Packaging Production schematic
Lentiviral particles are generated using standardized methods. HEK293 cells are co-transfected  with the lentiviral expression vector and packaging plasmids to express the necessary components for virus assembly.  Mature viral particles bud from the cell and into the supernatant. Supernatant can be harvested and applied directly to target cells or concentrated.
Using optimized in-house protocols and reagents, transOMIC technologies has the capability and expertise to provide top-quality, reliable lentiviral particles of cDNA and ORF clones.

Lentiviral particles are generated using standardized methods, which includes co-transfection of the lentiviral expression vector with lentiviral packaging plasmids into 293T cells, harvesting of the virus-containing supernatant, and concentration of the viral particles.
Lentiviral titers are determined using methods that measure functional expression in transduced cells and not simply the physical presence of viral particle components.  This provides higher assurance of the quality of the viral stocks leading to more consistent and reliable results.

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