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Mutagenesis Services

Mutagenesis  Custom Services

Select from over 100,000 full-length, sequence guaranteed cDNA and ORF clones from transOMIC technologies to create splice variants, modify domains or alter sequences to create mutants. Provide us with your mutagenesis project specification and we will do all the rest. The service is flexible and customizable to meet your specific scientific application.
  • Mutagenesis custom service - includes insertions, deletions and substitutions
  • Reliable accuracy - Full insert is resequenced after mutagenesis
  • Single or multiple mutations - introduce mutations at any site
  • Flexible vector options - Subcloning into your choice of vectors, including expression-ready, tagged and lentiviral

Customer receives:
  1. Sequencing data for mutant clone
  2. Mutant clone in bacterial glycerol stock format
  3. Lentiviral particles if ordered

Available Vectors: All vector options are available on the Mutagenesis Order Form
Vector Vector Map Link to vector map details
pTCP/pTCN    pTCP/pTCN cloning vector options for mutagenesis
pCMV-Myc Tag
N or C-terminal tag available
  Myc Tag cloning vector options for mutagenesis
N or C-terminal tag available
 FLAG tag cloning vector options for mutagenesis
Lenti V5 Tag   Quick Change Mutagenesis Lentiviral V5 Tagged ORF cloning vector
pTOL-Bsd   Quick Change Mutagenesis Lentiviral pTOL-Bsd Cloning Vector
 Lentiviral Packaging options

The base clone will be purchased in addition to service. 
Mutation* includes up to 3 bp substitutions within a 20 bp area.
A deletion** is the removal of a string of consecutive nucleotides that are 1 to 10,000 in length.

How to order:

Use  to find the Clone ID representing your cDNA or ORF Provide the clone ID and ordering information using the Mutagenesis Order Form.    

In addition to Mutagenesis Services,  Lentiviral Packaging is also available for cDNA and ORF clones. Select viral particles option on the mutagenesis order form.

Select viral particle format on order form