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CRISPR Cas9 Lentiviral Reagents

transEDIT-dual CRISPR arrayed library

Individual, combinatorial and multiplexed gene knockout

transEDIT-dual CRISPR arrayed library was developed using the CRoatan algorithm (Erard, Knott and Hannon) by employing a random-forest-based gRNA prediction tool to create novel and superior gRNA designs. These gRNAs were then paired in a lentiviral vector to co-express and thus further augment their potency.  A molecular barcode was incorporated in the vector to allow for downstream screening of high throughput analysis. The dual gRNAs are provided in a single vector to be used with Cas9 nuclease expression vectors for superior knockout efficiency with increased specificity and sensitivity. transEDIT-dual library targets the human genome and is available as target gene sets, or as a whole genome arrayed library in 96-well plate format.
Learn more about the development of the library and gRNA design algorithm.

  • CRoatan algorithm gRNA designs result in superior knockout efficiency
  • Two independent gRNAs in the same lentiviral vector further enhance for potent knockout
  • Unique barcode sequence identifier (25bp) – enables downstream analysis
  • Sequence verified gRNAs for confidence in results
  • Higher frequency of deleterious mutations with minimal off-target effects
  • Efficient delivery: transfect or transduce

Vector options and specifications:

The 2 gRNAS are expressed from a single lentiviral vector harboring:
  • Two divergent U6 promoters
  • 25bp identification barcode
  • Illumina-adapters
  • SFFV promoter
  • Bicistronic ZsGreen-P2A-PuromycinR transcript
  • Multiple selection markers
  • Hybrid 5’LTR (TAT independent) and a SIN 3’ LTR

transEDIT-dual CRISPR Target Gene Sets

transEDIT-dual target gene sets target human genes with 3 vectors containing two gRNAs in each vector. Each gRNA is designed using the CRoatan algorithm for superior performance.  A negative control is also included.
  • Three vectors containing two gRNAs in each vector
  • Negative control
  • Available as bacterial glycerol stocks or viral particles
  • Cas9 expression vectors can be purchased separately
Use FETCH my gene to find transEDIT-dual CRISPR targeting your gene of interest.

transEDIT-dual CRISPR Combinatorial Knockout Kit

transEDIT-dual combinatorial knockout kit targets two separate human genes with one lentiviral vector for a combinatorial knockout. Each gRNA is designed using the CRoatan algorithm for superior performance. 

Kit Includes:
  • Pool of 15-25 uniquely paired gRNAs targeting both Gene A and Gene B.
  • Individual glycerol stocks representing the uniquely paired gRNAs from the pool.
  • Negative Control - Your choice of glycerol stock or viral particles.
  • Sequencing primer for uniquely paired gRNA identification.
  • Cas9 expression vectors can be purchased separately


transEDIT-dual CRISPR Arrayed Whole Genome Library

transEDIT-dual arrayed library targets the human genome. The library is provided as glycerol stock and contains 3+ gRNA constructs per gene resulting in approximately 600 96-well plates.  Learn more about the development of library and gRNA designs.