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CRISPR Cas9 Lentiviral Reagents

transEDIT™ CRISPR-Cas9 Lentiviral Reagents
Optimized gRNA designs, versatile expression vectors for efficient gene editing

transEDIT CRISPR-Cas9 reagents for gene editing include a range of lentiviral vectors expressing guide RNA (gRNA) and/or Cas9 nuclease or nickase.  The vectors are designed to select for high gene editing efficiency using direct indicators of CRISPR Cas9 expression from fluorescent or selection markers, as well as efficient delivery as plasmid or lentiviral particles. In addition, complementary markers for co-selection of  Cas9 and gRNA ensure efficient expression of both components necessary for Cas9 based genome editing. 
  • Optimized gRNA designs cloned into your choice of gRNA or All-in-one (gRNA plus Cas9) lentiviral vectors
  • Single or paired guide RNA CRISPR strategies for gene editing
  • ssODN template for precise gene editing 
  • Multiple vector configurations to enable dual or triple selection for enhanced efficiency
  • Constitutive Cas9 expression
  • Efficient delivery: transfect or transduce
Don’t spend time cloning:
Search for your gene of interest using  FETCH my gene® search, select your target gene set in choice of vector and format and add to your cart.  transOMIC technologies will select optimized designs for the most 5' prime, high ranking gRNA with minimum off-targets for the most efficient gene knockout.  Bacterial glycerol stocks are shipped within two to three weeks.

CRISPR Cas9 Target Gene Sets

transEDIT target gene sets target human, mouse, or rat genes using 3 gRNA's that have been cloned into your lentiviral vector of choice. transOMIC technologies uses the most current design algorithms to provide gRNA designs with the highest ranking efficiency and lowest number of off target effects. A non-targeting negative control is also included.

  • 3 top ranking gRNA's cloned into your lentiviral vector of choice
  • Non-targeting negative control
  • Available as bacterial glycerol stocks or viral particles in convenient volumes

Epigenetic Pooled gRNA Library

Pooled lentiviral screening with CRISPR genome editing technology can be performed to identify functions of gene regulation in cellular responses and signaling pathways without the need for costly automation and equipment that are required with arrayed library screening. The transEDIT Epigenetic Pooled gRNA Libraries consists of pooled lentiviral constructs expressing gRNAs targeting over 500 human genes commonly associated with epigenetics. Each pooled library is comprised of ten or more unique CRISPR clones per epigenetic gene.

Available vector delivery systems:
1.  Single lentiviral vector system:

  • pCLIP-All-EFS-Puro vector to deliver Cas9 and gRNA - contains a puromycin selection marker
2.  Dual lentiviral vector system:
  • pCLIP-gRNA-EFS-Puro vector to deliver gRNA – contains a puromycin selection marker
  • Choice of multiple Cas9 Nuclease expression vectors – available with Green or Red fluorescent reporters or a Blasticidin selection marker
Single and dual lentiviral vector systems are available as ultra-pure plasmid DNA or as lentiviral particles.


ssODN template plus CRISPR/Cas9 Target Gene Sets - Delete, mutate or tag your gene of interest

The CRISPR-Cas9 system and single-stranded donor oligonucleotides (ssODN) can be applied to carry out precise gene editing quickly and efficiently. This strategy allows for generating point mutations, defined sequence modifications or insertion of a small tag. Target gene sets are available targeting human, mouse or rat genes.

This is a powerful technique that can be used to examine the relevance of DNA alterations in ex vivo and in vivo systems. Using this technique, various nucleotides and amino acids have been proved to be indispensable for promoter or enhancer activity, as well as for the function or regulation of enzymes, transcription factors and signaling molecules. Mutations known or suspected to be relevant to disease can also be studied.

transEDIT CRISPR-Cas9 with ssODN template target gene sets include:
  • 3 top ranking gRNA's cloned into your lentiviral vector of choice
  • Cas9 lentiviral expression vector*
  • Non-targeting negative control
  • ssODN template

Available as bacterial glycerol stocks or viral particles in convenient volumes
*Cas9 lentiviral vector also available with your choice of selectable marker


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