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Search terms suitable for FETCH my gene:

FETCH my gene® search tool will accept gene or RNA related terms from the publicly available databases associated with the National Institutes of Health’s Entrez Gene.  The following list of terms provides examples of search terms that are accepted and those that are not accepted by FETCH my gene search tool.  Many search terms are associated with more than one gene. The most specific searches are performed using terms that are unique to a gene.

GeneID: 7157
Refseq accession: NM_000546
Genbank accession: BC003596
Key word: cancer
Protein accession: Q2XN98_HUMAN, NP_001119588
Versioned accessions: NM_000546.1
(Note: This term is valid without the ‘.1’ version suffix.)
Gene name: tumor protein p53
Official Symbol: TP53
Alias: p53; LFS1; TRP53; FLJ92943

Need help searching for multiple genes?

If you have a large gene list please email support@transomic.com with your species of interest, list of accepted search terms and your product of interest.

How to use FETCH my gene search tool:

FETCH my gene® search tool is designed to help you easily find products for your gene of interest and confirm your results using the gene information provided. Use gene accession, gene symbol, or gene ID to begin your gene search.

How to use FETCH my gene search tool to find shRNA, CRISPR, cDNAs and ORFs for your gene of interest

Use the  search tool to find and purchase products for your gene of interest.