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The ORFeome Collaboration library represents 9,804 genes
with 16,581 clones. These full-length, annotated and sequence
verified ORFs originate from the existing collection of human
MGC cDNA clones and have been transferred into Gateway Entry
vectors as a ready to use resource for recombinant protein expression.

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The Human ORFeome V8.1 library represents the most recent
sequence-verified version of the Human ORFeome from the Center
for Cancer Systems Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (CCSB-DFCI).
This collection is derived from the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)
and contains 11,016 genes with 12,071 clones. Each ORF has been
verified by next generation sequencing and is provided in Gateway
adapted entry vector for fast and convenient transfer to any
compatible expression vector.

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This human lentiviral ORF expression library was developed through the collaborative efforts of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Broad Institute and the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB). The collection, which includes 13,000 ORFs that represent approximately 11,373 genes, provides the most fully sequenced and annotated version of the human ORFeome available. For added convenience the lentiviral ORF expression vector was created to enable expression of a protein of interest with a V5 fusion tag for western blot detection, puri­fication, co-immunoprecipitation, protein localization and FACS analysis.

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