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Contact us at info@transomic.com for multiple targets.
Select your vectors, selection marker and format
(Alternate selection markers for gRNA1 and gRNA2 enables effective selection of both gRNA in cells)


Step 1: Select your guide RNA vector and selection marker

Lentiviral gRNA expression vector

gRNA 1


gRNA 2


Step 2: Select your Cas9/Nickase vector and selection marker
(Pick a selection marker different from the gRNA to enable selection of gRNA and Cas9 in the same cell)

Lentiviral Cas9/Nickase expression vector


Step 3: Select your format

Bacterial Glycerol Stock
Viral Particles (1-5 x 106 TU/ml)

Product support:
For more information please refer to the technical manual or contact us via email, support@transomic.com  or phone (866-833-0712)