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transINTERFERE™ CRISPR Interference (CRISPRi) Lentiviral Reagents

Optimized gRNA designs, versatile lentiviral expression vectors


Catalytically dead Cas9 (dCas9) fused to a transcriptional repressor peptide, like KRAB, can knock down gene expression by interfering with transcription. Guide RNAs (gRNA) are designed to target your gene of interest’s promoter/enhancer or the beginning of the coding sequence. Transomic considered several key factors when designing gRNAs to the Human and Mouse genomes. These guide RNAs are developed using the Croatan algorithm and predicted to have high-efficiency binding. To optimize the efficiency which CRISPRi/dCas9-KRAB binds to target promoters, we also utilized DNA accessibility datasets available from the ENCODE consortium. This provides an additional benefit of matching each gRNA with DNA accessibility for hundreds of different cell and tissue types. This allows for the maximum targeting efficiency in a particular cell line, as well as targeting the correct promoter for genes with alternative transcriptional start sites in different cell types.

transINTERFERE CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) lentiviral reagents include a range of lentiviral expression vectors expressing guide RNA (gRNA) or gRNA+dCas9-KRAB. The vectors are designed to package lentiviral particles effectively and can be optimized with your choice of fluorescent reporter or selection marker and choice of promoter.

  • Highly optimized gRNA designs specific to your cell line
  • Your choice of gRNA or gRNA+dCas9-KRAB lentiviral vectors
  • Choose from bacterial glycerol stock or lentiviral particle formats
  • All clones are sequence-verified
  • Custom screening pools are available (go to CRISPRi pooled screening library)


Single guide RNA expression options

CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) single gRNA schematic - CRISPRi protocol

Available vectors for your gene of interest: (CRISPR Interference)


CRISPRi vector schematic

pINT- All-In-One (gRNA+dCas9-KRAB)

CRISPRi vector schematic - gRNA + dCas9-KRAB all-in-one CRISPRi KRAB

Dual guide RNA expression options

CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) dual gRNA schematic - CRISPRi protocol

Available vectors for your gene of interest: (CRISPR Interference)


CRISPRi vector schematic