Human Amplified gRNA Oligo Pool Library Construction Kit

Budget-Friendly Solution for creating a Human Whole Genome CRISPR gRNA Knockout Library for Screening

To help offset the high expense of performing whole genome CRISPR screening experiments, Transomic offers our high-quality, whole-genome, amplified CRISPR gRNA oligo pool and cloning vector kit at budget-friendly pricing. Using the two components, pool assembly and viral packaging can then be performed in your lab where you have complete control of the quality benchmarks that are important for your research experiment. Simply choose the cloning vector that suits your needs. We deliver an amplified, whole genome gRNA oligo pool and cloning vector along with detailed protocols for cloning and lentiviral packaging. We make it simple to create your customized CRISPR gRNA knockout library.



  • Cost-effective solution to create a customized, genome-scale human CRISPR gRNA library for knockout
  • gRNA oligo pool has been amplified with high efficiency saving you time and effort
  • Amplified gRNA oligo pool goes through rigorous quality control to ensure accuracy and uniformity of gRNA representation
  • Allows for complete control of your QC benchmarks specific to your experiment
  • Whole genome Human (Croatan gRNA designs) oligo pool targets over 18,000 genes with 4 gRNAs per gene
  • Cloning and lentiviral packaging protocols available to ensure your success


  • Ready-to-use cloning vector of your choice
  • Ready-to-use amplified whole genome gRNA oligo pool
  • QC reports for cloning vector and amplified gRNA pool


  •  Typically ships within 2-4 business days


$4,885 - Price includes the following
  • 1 Vial (125 mL): PCR amplified oligo pool- Prepared for Gibson Assembly Reaction (15 ng/ mL)
  • 1 Vial (100 mL) Vector Backbone- Prepared by restriction digest and CIP treatment, column purified (200 ng/ mL)

Oligo Pool Library Construction Workflow

Oligo Pool Whole Genome Library Construction Kit


Human Whole Genome Amplified gRNA Oligo Pool and Cloning Vector
Single gRNA
Selection Marker
Fluorescent Reporter

Human Whole Genome Amplified gRNA Oligo Pool and Cloning Vector
gRNA + Cas9 (ALL-in-One)

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CRISPR Oligo Library Construction Kit


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