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transEDIT CRISPR Pooled Screening Libraries (Cut)

Choose constructs from our genome-wide arrayed CRISPR library or chip-based pools for complete flexibility


Transomic offers custom sgRNA pooled libraries for performing CRISPR screens.

Sequence-verified dual sgRNA constructs can be cherry picked from our CRISPR whole genome arrayed library to target your genes of interest. All pools go through a stringent Next-Gen sequencing QC to confirm all constructs in the CRISPR screening library are represented in an equal manner, so data is not skewed from under or over-represented constructs. Screening pools can be delivered as plasmid DNA or ready-to-use lentiviral particles.


CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA Pooled Screening Libraries - CRISPR library

Available CRISPR gRNA vector:


transEDIT-dual CRISPR gRNA vector map - two gRNAs in one vector

Chip-based pools give full flexibility by allowing the ideal number of constructs per gene and the ideal transEDIT CRISPR gRNA lentiviral vector that best suits your experiment.

CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA Pooled Screening Libraries - CRISPR library protocol

Available CRISPR gRNA vectors:

CRISPR gRNA vector map

pCLIP-All-In-One (gRNA+Cas9)
transEDIT CRISPR gRNA vector map - All-in-one (gRNA plus Cas9)

Custom CRISPR Pooled Screening Libraries start at $4,000
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Off-the-shelf focused gene sets are available
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