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Next-Gen Sequencing and Deconvolution Services

Let the Transomic experts handle your NGS and deconvolution analysis


Transomic offers Next-Gen sequencing and deconvolution services for all of our CRISPR screening library pools for a beginning to end solution for your lab.

Create custom screening pooled library

  • Use Transomic design algorithms or submit your own designs
  • Use Transomic lentiviral cloning vectors or submit your own vector


Transduce your screening cells following your experimental design procedures


Collect the genomic DNA for each screening variant


Send genomic DNA samples to Transomic

Transomic will create sequencing libraries from each sample


Transomic will perform NGS on each sample


NGS data goes through deconvolution analysis to determine relative abundance of each gRNA or shRNA in each sample


Data analysis is returned to the researcher


Pricing is based on the number of samples and the number of gRNAs in a pool.

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