CRISPR Dual gRNA Target Gene Sets

Target your gene of interest with dual gRNAs constructs for efficient knockout


Transomic offers multiple lentiviral vectors expressing 2 gRNAs. The dual guide RNA design allows you to target different locations in the same gene. Choose the ideal promoter, selection marker, and fluorescent reporter for your experiment. You will receive 3 unique dual gRNA constructs plus a negative control. All dual gRNA clones are 100% sequence-confirmed before shipping.



  • CRISPR dual gRNA constructs can increase the likelihood for successful gene knockout
  • Each gRNA is driven by a distinct U6 promoter in order to reduce the likelihood of recombination (particularly important when generating custom pooled libraries) 
  • Numerous lentiviral vectors to choose from (customize for selection marker, fluorescent reporter, and promoter)
  • The CRoatan algorithm is used to design gRNAs. Other gRNA design algorithms available upon request (Broad-Calabrese, Broad-Brie, Broad-Gouda, Broad-Brunello, Weissman, Root, Doench…)


  • Enter your gene of interest into our gene search tool (gene symbol, gene id, Genbank accession #)
  • Use the filter on the left of the screen to select for CRISPR cut
  • Select the lentiviral vector option that best suits your experiment
  • Choose the format to be delivered (glycerol stock or ready-to-use lentiviral particles)


  • 3 dual gRNA constructs targeting your gene of interest plus a negative control
  • 100% sequence-confirmed gRNA constructs
  • Glycerol stocks or lentiviral particles
  • Plasmid DNA can be delivered upon request. Contact us for a custom quote

  • 2-3 weeks for glycerol stocks. Additional 2 weeks for viral particles

  • Starting at $820 for glycerol stocks and $2,965 for concentrated lentiviral particles

Interested in targeting two genes from the same vector for a combinatorial gene knockout?

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Available CRISPR dual gRNA vectors for your gene of interest (Gene Knockout)


transEDIT-dual CRISPR vector map - pCLIP-dual gRNA

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To place your order, go to gene search tool at top of page and enter your gene of interest.
Gene search tool for CRISPR dual gRNA target gene set results


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Transomic offers custom CRISPR pooled libraries for screening projects and genome editing experiments. The CRoatan algorithm is used to design gRNAs. Other gRNA design algorithms available upon request (Broad-Calabrese, Broad-Brie, Broad-Gouda, Broad-Brunello, Weissman, Root, Doench…).
Transomic’s lentiviral packaging workflow produces high-quality lentiviral particles. All lentiviral particles are functionally titered, which is the gold standard for quality control.  This facilitates the most precise calculation of MOI for optimized transduction. Refer to our product guides for best practices.

CRISPR Whole Genome Arrayed Library

Transomic’s arrayed CRISRP library is a great resource for core labs. The CRISPR library uses a dual gRNA lentiviral vector for efficient CRISPR Cas9 cutting.

Lentiviral Cas9 expression vectors can be used for creating your Cas9 stable cell lines and cell engineering experiments.
Transomic has a portfolio of CRISRP vector backbones that can be used to tailor the best vector for your experiment. Choose the ideal TRACR, promoter, selection marker, or fluorescent reporter for your application.
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