Catalytically Inactive Cas9 Expression Vectors (dCas9)

Choose the ideal lentiviral vector for your dCas9 stable cell line

Catalytically deactivated, or dead Cas9 (dCas9) expression is a key component in performing efficient CRISPR activation (CRISPRa) or CRISPR interference (CRISPRi) experiments.  Cas9 has been modified to remove the nuclease activity but to keep the highly-specific genomic DNA targeting capability with the help of guide RNA.  The deactivated Cas9 (dCas9) for CRISPRa is fused to a series of transcription activators (VP64, p65 and Rta) to create a dCas9-VPR complex which, paired with specific gRNAs, upregulates gene expression. For CRISPRi, the dCas9 is fused to transcriptional repressor peptide, KRAB, to disrupt gene expression when paired with specific gRNAs.


  • Glycerol stock for the generation of an unlimited supply of dCas9 plasmid DNA
  • Ready-to-use lentiviral particles
  • Plasmid DNA

  • Glycerol stock format ships within 48 hours of placing order
  • Lentiviral particles ship within 2-3 weeks of placing order

  • Glycerol stocks for $585


Available dCas9-VPR expression vectors for CRISPR activation


Available dCas9-KRAB expression vectors for CRISPR interference


Cas9 Expression Vectors also available

Select your promoter and marker/reporter of choice and add to cart to purchase. Delivered as bacterial glycerol stocks.


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transACTIVE CRISPR dCas9-VPR Nuclease Expression Vector


transINTERFERE CRISPR dCas9-KRAB Expression Vector


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