Custom shRNA Pooled Screening Libraries

Choose constructs from our genome-wide arrayed shRNA library or chip-based pools for complete flexibility

With an extensive catalog of pZIP lentiviral vectors to choose from, Transomic offers complete flexibility when planning your custom RNAi screen. Share your target gene list with us and we will use our shERWOOD algorithm to design shRNAs targeting each gene. Or if preferred, share your shRNA designs to incorporate into the screening pool.

  • Target a small list of genes or whole genome
  • QC is based on Next-Gen Sequencing to ensure shRNA representation and equal distribution


  • Select the proper pZIP lentiviral vector or provide us with your lentiviral vector
  • Share your gene list and the number of shRNAs needed for targeting each gene
  • The shERWOOD algorithm is used to design shRNAs. Alternatively, we can use your shRNA designs
  • Oligos are synthesized and cloned into your choice of lentiviral vector
  • NGS is performed to ensure equal representation of shRNAs in your RNAi screening pool


  • Plasmid DNA (Maxiprep or Gigaprep) or ready-to-use lentiviral particles
  • Certificate of Analysis showing shRNA distribution according to Next-Gen Sequencing results


  • As few as 6 weeks for plasmid DNA. Add an additional 2 weeks for lentiviral particles

Retroviral vectors are also available


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