NGS and Deconvolution Services

Custom Next-Generation Sequencing and Deconvolution Services

Transomic can help analyze results from your CRISPR pooled screening experiments. Send us cell pellets from your screen and we will extract genomic DNA, prepare the samples for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), perform NGS on the appropriate NGS platform, and align the gRNA sequence reads against the NGS reads from the screening pool.  You can then determine which gRNAs in your screening pool were enriched or depleted.


  • Order your CRISPR pooled screening library from Transomic
  • Perform screens on your cell lines in your lab
  • Send frozen pellets to Transomic
  • Transomic will extract gDNA and prepare the samples for Next-Gen Sequencing
  • Transomic will run the samples on the appropriate Next-Generation Sequencing platform


  • Data comparing the gRNA Next-Gen Sequencing counts of the screening pool compared to the gRNA counts from the screened samples


  • As few as 6 weeks for 6 samples

shRNA Next-Gen Sequencing and Deconvolution also available

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