Overexpression Stable Cell Lines  

High-quality stable cell line generation from LentiORF Select-Vectors™

Transomic offers overexpression stable cell lines generated from LentiORF Select-VectorsTM.  Our extensive collection of constitutive and inducible lentiviral vectors allows for customization of the target gene expression cassette to include the appropriate selectable markers and tags for the specific experiment.



  • Choose a lentiviral vector
  • Provide the gene of interest and sequence or Genbank accession number
  • Select the preferred cell line
  • A mock vector map is provided for review and final approval before synthesis and cloning of the gene of interest
  • The LentiORF Select-Vector clone is sequence-verified, viral particles are packaged, and the selected cell line is infected


  • Polyclonal or monoclonal overexpression cell populations
  • QC data that includes Western Blot and/or qPCR data (sequencing and flow cytometry also available)
  • Glycerol stock, plasmid DNA, and/or lentiviral particles of the LentiORF Select-Vector clone
  • Stability testing is available


  • Polyclonal cell line is delivered in as few as 8 weeks


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CHO cells infected with LentiORF Select-Vector containing Gene X.
Single Cells were isolated and expanded to produce a monoclonal
cell line.
Expression levels of target protein are approximately
100x fold that
of the parental line.