LentiORF Select-Vectors™


Choose the optimal lentiviral vector and ORF sequence for your gene expression work

Transomic enables researchers to express any gene of interest using our library of lentiviral ORF vectors.  There are numerous lentiviral vector configurations to choose from, giving complete design flexibility. Use the gene search tool to find your gene of interest and tailor the promoter, selectable markers and/or fluorescent protein expression best suited for your gene expression experiments.


  • Easy design: Simply select the Genbank Accession # from our gene search, or provide us with your specific gene sequence, including mutants and we do the rest
  • Enhanced design flexibility which allows for the incorporation of various selection markers and fluorescent genes into vector construction
  • Lentiviral vectors have been optimized for efficient lentiviral particle packaging
  • Inducible lentiviral vectors (Doxycycline) are available
  • All LentiORF Select-Vector™ are 100% sequence-confirmed before shipping

  •  Enter your gene of interest into our gene search tool (Gene Symbol, Gene ID, Genbank Accession #)
  • Select the specific LentiORF Select-Vector™ that is ideal for your experiment
  • (Optional) Select N or C terminal ORF tag from the dropdown menu
  • Select the Genbank Accession from the gene search results, or Contact Us with a specific sequence for gene synthesis
  • Choose between glycerol stock format or ready-to-use lentiviral particle format. Plasmid DNA can be provided upon request 

  • Glycerol stock in 2ml tube or lentiviral particles *(typically 100ul of 1x10^7 TU/ml functional titer) *Gene size and nature of gene can affect functional titer

  • 4-5 weeks for glycerol stock format. Add an additional 2 weeks for viral particles

  • Glycerol stock format starts at $1085. Lentiviral particle format starts at $1,855. Bulk volume of viral particles is available

To place your order, go to the gene search tool at the top of the page and enter
your gene of interest.

LentiORF Select-Vector Gene Search Results

Doxycycline Inducible Lentiviral Vectors

With selection marker

Vector Number and Name
TLO1013 - Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-PGK-Tet3G-puro
TLO1014 - Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-PGK-Tet3G-blast
TLO1015 - Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-PGK-Tet3G-hygro
TLO1016 - Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-PGK-Tet3G-neo

With selection marker and fluorescent reporter

Vector Number and Name Vector Number and Name
TLO2025 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-eGFP-PGK-Tet3G-puro
TLO2050 -
TLO2026 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-eGFP-PGK-Tet3G-blast
TLO2051 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-mCherry-PGK-Tet3G-blast
TLO2027 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-eGFP-PGK-Tet3G-hygro
TLO2052 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-mCherry-PGK-Tet3G-hygro

TLO2028 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-eGFP-PGK-Tet3G-neo

TLO2053 -
Inducible Lenti-TRE3G-ORF-P2A-mCherry-PGK-Tet3G-neo

Constitutive Lentiviral Vectors

With selection marker

Vector Number and Name Vector Number and Name
TLO1001 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-IRES-blast TLO1005 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-IRES-blast
TLO1002 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-IRES-hygro TLO1006 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-IRES-hygro
TLO1017 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-SV40-neo TLO1018 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-SV40-neo
TLO1004 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-IRES-puro TLO1008 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-IRES-puro

Request vector map

With selection marker and fluorescent reporter

Vector Number and Name Vector Number and Name
TLO2002 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-eGFP-IRES-blast TLO2012 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-eGFP-IRES-blast
TLO2003 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-eGFP-IRES-hygro TLO2013 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-eGFP-IRES-hygro
TLO2004 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-eGFP-SV40-neo TLO2014 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-eGFP-SV40-neo
TLO2005 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-eGFP-IRES-puro TLO2015 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-eGFP-IRES-puro
TLO2043 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-mCherry-IRES-blast TLO2040 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-mCherry-IRES-blast
TLO2044 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-mCherry-IRES-hygro TLO2041 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-mCherry-IRES-hygro
TLO2045 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-mCherry-SV40-neo TLO2042 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-mCherry-SV40-neo
TLO2037 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-mCherry-IRES-puro TLO2039 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-mCherry-IRES-puro



With fluorescent reporter

Vector Number and Name Vector Number and Name
TLO2001 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-eGFP TLO2011 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-eGFP
TLO2046 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-P2A-mCherry TLO2047 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-P2A-mCherry

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