LentiORF Select-Vectors™

Choose the optimal lentiviral vector and ORF sequence for your gene expression work

Transomic enables researchers to express their genes of interest in the optimal lentiviral ORF vector for their experiment. Over 350 possible lentiviral vector configurations to choose from, giving complete flexibility for your gene expression experiments. Use the gene search tool to find your gene of interest in the ideal lentiviral ORF vector best suited for your specific experiment.

Available Vector Options:

•Constitutive or inducible vectors

•Antibiotic selection

•Fluorescent reporters

•Tags for purification or antibody detection

Available formats and pricing:

•Bacterial Glycerol Stock: - $985

•Viral Particles:  (100µL at > 1 x 107 TU/mL) - $1560

* 5,000 bp gene synthesis limit

** Large genes or toxic genes may not reach viral titers of 107 TU/ml

For delivery time, Contact us at info@transomic.com

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Click the tabs below to view vector schematics for available LentiORF Select-Vectors.


Constitutive lentiviral vectors (no tags, with selection marker)

Lenti-Promoter-ORF-IRES-Selection Marker

Use the gene search tool to find LentiORF Select-Vectors for your gene of interest

Request the full snapgene vector map - Please include the vector number and name in your request.

Request vector map

Vector Number and Name Vector Number and Name
TLO1001 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-IRES-blast TLO1005 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-IRES-blast
TLO1002 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-IRES-hygro TLO1006 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-IRES-hygro
TLO1017 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-SV40-neo TLO1018 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-SV40-neo
TLO1004 - Lenti-hCMV-ORF-IRES-puro TLO1008 - Lenti-hEF1a-ORF-IRES-puro