MGC premier cDNA and ORF Arrayed Libraries

High quality, fully sequenced cDNA and ORF clones offered at exceptional academic prices

MGC premier cDNA and ORF arrayed libraries are genome-scale collections developed through academic and commercial collaborations using the most rigorous sequencing process ensuring the highest quality and confidence.


   MGC premier human and mouse cDNA libraries

    The goal of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC), a trans-NIH initiative, was to provide researchers with unrestricted access to sequence-validated, full-length, protein-coding (FL-CDS) cDNA clones. Transomic offers the complete MGC collection – separated into human and mouse arrayed libraries. Sub libraries containing only the pCMV-SPORT6 expression-ready clones are also conveniently available.

MGC premier human ORFeome Collaboration Library
The MGC premier human ORFeome Collaboration Library currently represents 9,804 genes with 16,581 clones. The majority of the ORFeome collaboration targets were generated by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute-Center for Cancer Systems Biology (DFCI-CCSB). These full-length, annotated and sequence verified ORFs originate from the existing collection of MGC premier full-length human cDNA clones and have been transferred into Gateway Entry vectors as a ready-to-use resource for recombinant protein expression. For additional convenience and versatility, the ORF clones are available in two formats, with and without stop codons. The ORF clones without stop codons facilitate the synthesis of either C- or N- terminal fusion proteins and clones with stop codons enable the synthesis of native proteins in addition to N-terminal fusion proteins.

The MGC premier ORFeome Collaboration Collection is also available for the mouse genome and represents 1,434 genes with 1,956 clones.

MGC premier human ORFeome v8.1 Library
The MGC premier human ORFeome version 8.1 (hORFeome v8.1) is the newest version of the human ORFeome developed by the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB). This collection is derived from the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) and contains over 11,000 clonally-derived ORFs that represent 11,000 human genes. Each ORF clone in the collection has been verified by next generation sequencing and is provided in a Gateway adapted entry vector for fast and convenient transfer to any compatible expression vector.

MGC premier Human ORFeome Complete Library - ORFeome Collaboration Collection + ORFeome v8.1 Library
The MGC premier human ORFeome Complete Collection is our most extensive entry ORF library and includes both the ORFeome v8.1 and ORFeome Collaboration Collections. This collection provides unique, non-overlapping content and represents 14,000 genes with 22,000 clones.

MGC premier Lentiviral ORF Expression Library
This human Lentiviral ORF Expression Library was developed through the collaborative efforts of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Broad Institute and the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB). The collection, which includes over 13,000 ORFs that represent approximately 11,000 genes, provides the most fully sequenced and annotated version of the human ORFeome available. For added convenience the lentiviral ORF expression vector was created to enable expression of a protein of interest with a V5 fusion tag for western blot detection, puri­fication, co-immunoprecipitation, protein localization and FACS analysis.


View the cDNA and ORF arrayed libraries comparison chart and data files for more detail.

  • These cDNA and ORF clones have been the gold standard used by the scientific community for over 20 years
  • The cDNA and ORF clones from these libraries are found in numerous publications
  • Access to pre-cloned and sequence-verified cDNA and ORF clones significantly speeds up research
  • cDNA and ORF library clones can be shared with other researchers in the same lab

  • 2-4 weeks upon receipt of order
  • Contact us for a quote. Academic pricing is available


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