MGC premier cDNA and ORF Clones


Full-Length, fully-sequenced cDNA clones... the gold standard for 20+ years

MGC premier cDNA and ORF collections offer a convenient solution that decreases the time required to start an experiment and increases the chances of success. The Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) was created though an NIH initiative involving several labs to create the most comprehensive cDNA and ORF libraries available to the scientific community. All cDNA and ORF information can be researched through NCBI Genbank and can be conveniently ordered through Transomic’s gene search tool.


  • MGC clones have been used by research labs around the globe for the past 20+ years
  • Quick delivery of glycerol stock cDNA and ORF clones
  • Subset of LentiORF clones in the V5-tagged, pLX304 overexpression lentiviral vector
  • Subset of clones in mammalian expression vectors with CMV promoter
  • Subset of clones available that are Gateway™ compatible
  • Since it is best practice to sequence-confirm all clones before using them in research applications, Transomic offers a sequence-confirmation service for your clone.  We will end-sequence the cDNA or ORF clone and BLAST-confirm the sequence to Genbank.

  • Enter your gene of interest into our gene search tool (gene symbol, gene ID, Genbank accession #)
  • Use the filter on the left of the screen to select cDNA/ORF
  • Choose the cDNA or ORF clone that best suits your experiment
  • If optional end-sequencing service is needed, just choose the ‘end-sequence before shipping’ version in the gene search results.

  • Glycerol stock in 2ml tube
  • Custom arrays of cDNA/ORF clones are available
  • End-sequence BLAST report when selecting ‘end-sequence before shipping’

  • 48 hours for standard glycerol stock clones. 1-2 weeks for the end-sequence confirmation option
  • $140 for standard glycerol stocks. $175 for end-sequence confirmation option

To place your order, go to the gene search tool at the top of the page and enter
your gene of interest.

MGC premier cDNA and ORF clones - Search your gene of interest



MGC Premier human and mouse cDNA libraries
MGC Premier human ORFeome Collaboration Library
MGC Premier human ORFeome v8.1 Library
MGC premier Lentiviral ORF Expression Library
  • Yang, X., Boehm, J., Yang, X. et al. A public genome-scale lentiviral expression library of human ORFs. Nat Methods 8, 659–661 (2011). 

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