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OMNIfect Transfection Reagent

OMNIfect™ transfection reagent is an easy-to-use, cationic delivery reagent providing high efficiency transfection of plasmid DNA coupled with low cytotoxicity across a broad range of cells. OMNIfect has been tested across a variety of cell lines and has proven to successfully transfect both adherent and suspension cell lines. 
  • Efficient delivery – high transfection efficiency with or without serum
  • Low cytotoxicity gentle on sensitive cell lines
  • Broad range of cells tested – including neuronal, stem and suspension cells
  • Easy-to-use protocols


High transfection efficiency

OMNIfect Transfection Reagent has been proven to  transfect a broad range of cell types including suspension cells with superior efficiency. When tested against competitive transfection reagents OMNIfect transfection reagent benchmarks favorably against the market leaders. The table shown in the supporting data tab lists the cell lines in which OMNIfect has been shown to produce high transfection efficiency.

Minimal cytotoxicity

OMNIfect delivery reagent is very gentle on cells. Cytotoxicity was tested in COS-1 (Figure 2) cells and virtually no cell loss was observed. Cell viability following transfection was tested using  CellTiter 96® AQueous One Solution Cell Proliferation Assay according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Data are presented as viability of OMNIfect treated cells relative to untreated cells.

Cell lines validated using OMNIfect transfection reagent

Cell Line Type Species
HeLa Cervical carcinoma Human
A549 Lung carcinoma Human
C2C12 Myoblast Murine
SCCVII Squamous cell carcinoma Murine
Renca Renal adenocarcinoma Murine
HEK293 Embryonic kidney Human
ID8 Ovarian carcinoma Murine
Raw 264.7 Monocyte/Macrophage Murine
CHO Ovary Hampster
COS-1 Kidney fibroblast Monkey
4T-1 Mammary carcinoma Murine
HepG2 Hepatocellular carcinoma Human
Jurkat T lymphocyte Human
K562 Lymphoblast Human

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