lncRNA knockdown

lncRNA knockdown is possible with shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA designs

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a type of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) that exceed 200 nucleotides in length. lncRNAs are involved in transcriptional regulation, post-transcriptional regulation events such as splicing and translation, epigenetic regulation, and nucleation of protein complexes. Using a technique known as lncRNA knockdown, researchers are able to study lncRNA function by suppressing its expression and observing resulting phenotypes. The endogenous lncRNA expression can be down-regulated with an RNA silencing-mediated approach by stably expressing gene-specific RNA hairpins (shRNAs) in target cells.

Transomic Technologies can supply shRNAs targeting your lncRNA of interest*. These shRNAs contain the same features that make our gene-targeting shRNAs the best available.
  • Each shRNA targeting your lncRNA employs our shERWOOD shRNA design algorithm, resulting in superior knockdown performance
  • Each shRNA is provided in our UltramiR scaffold, increasing RNA processing and potency
  • Available in any of our lentiviral or retroviral shRNA vectors (inducible also available)
  • Glycerol stock and lentiviral particle formats available
Customer receives:
  • 3 top ranked shRNA targeting your lncRNA
  • Non-targeting control

*We can also target other non-coding RNAs

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Available vectors for your gene of interest

Retroviral vectors



Lentiviral vectors


Inducible lentiviral vector


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Transomic’s arrayed shRNA libraries are a great resource for core labs. Arrayed libraries are offered as glycerol stocks in 96-well plates. All shRNA constructs are designed using the shERWOOD algorithm which is based on the functional testing of over 250,000 shRNA sequences using a high-throughput sensor assay (Knott et al 2014) and uses key sequence characteristics for predicting shRNA potency to select the rare shRNA designs that are potent at single copy representation in the genome.

Transomic can tailor your custom shRNA pooled library or arrayed library to your project specifications. Sequence-verified shRNA constructs are cherry picked from our whole genome arrayed library to target your genes of interest. Stringent quality control is maintained throughout our process. All pools go through a stringent Next-Gen sequencing QC to confirm all constructs in the screening pool are represented in an equal manner. 

Transomic’s lentiviral packaging workflow produces high-quality lentiviral particles. All lentiviral particles are functionally titered, which is the gold standard for quality control.  This facilitates the most precise calculation of MOI for optimized transduction. Refer to our product guides for best practices.
Transomic has a portfolio of shRNA vector backbones that can be used to tailor the best vector for your experiment. Choose the ideal promoter, selection marker, or fluorescent reporter for your application.
shRNA negative controls enable accurate interpretation of knockdown data and provide confidence in the specificity of the response. Lentiviral shRNA and Inducible lentiviral shRNA controls are available as lentiviral particles or bacterial glycerol stock.  Retroviral shRNA controls are available as bacterial glycerol stock.
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