shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Pooled Screening libraries

shRNA constructs are selected from our whole genome arrayed library

Sequence-verified shRNA constructs are cherry picked from our whole genome arrayed library to target your genes of interest. All pools go through a stringent Next-Gen sequencing QC to confirm all constructs in the screening pool are represented in an equal manner, so data is not skewed from under or over-represented constructs. Screening pools can be delivered as plasmid DNA or ready to use lentiviral particles.


Available vectors:

Lentiviral vectors


Inducible lentiviral vector


Retroviral vectors





Screening pools start at $4,000
Send us your list of genes of interest for a quote
Off-the-shelf focused gene sets are available
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NGS and Deconvolution services available


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Search for your gene of interest using our simple online tool that allows customization for gene modulation type, vector features, and deliverable format. You will receive 3 unique shRNA constructs  plus a negative control. All shRNA constructs are 100% sequence-confirmed before shipping.
Transomic offers custom shRNA pooled libraries for screening projects and genome editing experiments. All constructs are cherry-picked from our arrayed, sequence-verified shRNA libraries and can be subcloned into the vector of choice.
Transomic’s lentiviral packaging workflow produces high-quality lentiviral particles. All lentiviral particles are functionally titered, which is the gold standard for quality control.  This facilitates the most precise calculation of MOI for optimized transduction. Refer to our product guides for best practices.
Lentiviral and retroviral shRNA cloning vectors are delivered as glycerol stocks for an unlimited supply for cloning experiments.
shRNA negative controls enable accurate interpretation of knockdown data and provide confidence in the specificity of the response. Lentiviral shRNA and Inducible lentiviral shRNA controls are available as lentiviral particles or bacterial glycerol stock.  Retroviral shRNA controls are available as bacterial glycerol stock.
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