shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Pooled Screening libraries

shRNA constructs are selected from our whole genome arrayed library

Sequence-verified shRNA constructs are cherry picked from our whole genome arrayed library to target your genes of interest. All pools go through a stringent Next-Gen sequencing QC to confirm all constructs in the screening pool are represented in an equal manner, so data is not skewed from under or over-represented constructs. Screening pools can be delivered as plasmid DNA or ready to use lentiviral particles.


Available vectors:

Lentiviral vectors


Inducible lentiviral vector


Retroviral vectors



Unsure of the best promoter to use for your specific cell line?
Use our Promoter Selection Kit on your cells prior to ordering your shRNA gene sets.

Learn more about the promoter selection kit

Promoter Selection Kit for shRNA knockdown


Screening pools start at $4,000
Send us your list of genes of interest for a quote
Off-the-shelf focused gene sets are available
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NGS and Deconvolution services available


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