Transomic delivers custom, precise gene-modulating tools to enable discovery across the genome.


Transomic offers the highest-quality CRISPR reagents with proven and trusted performance. Learn More >


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Gene Expression

Off-the-shelf cDNA and ORF libraries. Purchase individual plasmids or arrayed libraries. Learn More >

Cloning Vectors

Use our lentiviral cloning vectors to accomplish your specific applications.
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Custom Services

From custom CRISPR arrayed and pooled libraries, to vector construction, to lentiviral packaging, Transomic has solutions to empower your success.
  • Gene Synthesis and Cloning
  • Vector Construction
  • Custom CRISPR Arrayed Libraries
  • Custom CRISPR Pooled Libraries
  • NGS and Deconvolution for CRISPR
  • Lentiviral Packaging
  • Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

Who We Serve

Work with a partner who “gets it”.  At Transomic, you’ll always have an experienced partner
to help you identify the right custom tools to enable your research.

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